Basketball Coaching.

  • Skyrocket your team's skills
  • Streamline your practices
  • Outplay your competition

The Ultimate Basketball Coaching Tool

  • Drill Library

    135+ fun and fresh drills explained with step by step video instructions

  • Playbooks

    41+ proven plays and strategies for all ages. From inbounds plays to half court offense to buzzer beaters!

  • Clipboard

    Effortlessly draw professional looking diagrams, right from your smartphone or tablet!

  • Practice Builder

    Design a killer basketball practice in 60 seconds or less. No more practice planning stress!

The Easy Way To Develop Basketball Skills

Don't get bogged down with the "same old" practice drills week after week.

Our Drill Library is filled with unique, fun and effective drills that build critical basketball skills - FAST.

So you can grab your team's attention, keep them engaged, and help them master the fundamentals of the game.

  • 135+ innovative drills organized into easy-access categories
  • On-court video demonstrations, diagrams, and step by step instructions
  • Drills for shooting, footwork, passing, ballhandling, rebounding, team defense and individual defense
  • Bring new drills right to the gym on your mobile device!

Proven Plays and Strategies for Every Basketball Situation

Our Playbook Library is jam-packed with championship-tested plays to help you build an unstoppable offense.

In no time at all, you'll discover the simple secrets to better spacing, better ball movement, and higher percentage shots.

So you can score more points, win more games and dominate your league!

  • 41+ simple plays for all ages and competitive levels
  • Simple to learn half court offenses, including Motion, 1-4, Spread, and Zone
  • Sideline and baseline inbounds plays to score an easy basket
  • Full court pressure, press breaks, buzzer beaters, and transition offense

Learn From Titans of the Game

Step by step video instruction from some of the most celebrated names in basketball


2-time NBA Coach of the Year


27-time New Jersey State Champ


3-Time Wisconsin State Champ

Dave Bollwinkel

California College Coach of the Year

Bernie Holowicki

Five Star Basketball Hall of Fame

Design a Killer Practice In 60 Seconds or Less

No more wasted time. No more "winging it." No more practice planning stress!

With our Practice Builder Tool you can easily create customized practice plans to with just a few taps.

  • Quickly design practice plans to target your team's skill development needs
  • Bring your practice right to the gym on your mobile device
  • Simply drag and drop drills from our library, or add your own custom activities
  • Built-in timers and reminders keep you on schedule
  • Includes six pre-designed practice plans for basic, intermediate, and advanced teams

Effortlessly Draw Professional Looking Plays and Drills

With our Clipboard Drawing Tool, you can draw, save and share high quality diagrams, right from your smartphone or tablet, with just a few taps. Then share with your team by email, text, Facebook or Twitter! It's the cleanest and simplest way to build your own customized plays and drills!

Download Basketball Blueprint Today. It's Free!

Basketball Blueprint provides everything you need to eliminate your coaching stress, and start having more fun and success with your team today!

Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and you'll get instant access to our library of coaching resources and tools, all delivered in a "brain dead simple" mobile interface you can take right to the gym!